How it works:
BJJ4LIFE will be running 4 events in 2015. Each of these events is a Submission Only event and they will be split into 2 Gi & 2 No-Gi events.
We are pleased to have a reward / prize system for this year and upcoming years. 
 If you win your division (Gold) you will be awarded 9 points, a Silver is 3 points and a Bronze is 1 point.
 We will also be keeping a record of the amount of submissions that every winner has as well.
 The top Blue, Purple, Brown and Black Belt at the end of the year will be awarded a return flight to Melbourne.
 If there is a draw with the Points, the winner will be worked out by the amount of submissions during the year, then if there is still no winner - the amount of fights that they have had during the year.
There are some 'small details' to be addressed.
  • There must be 8 people in each division to be eligible to win the award.
  • You carry your points over if you upgrade your belt (rank) during the competition
  • It is for the entire division (i.e. Adult, Masters & Seniors)
  • The prizes are open to both the Female and Male divisions
  • The prizes are in the form of vouchers not cash and cannot be given in cash
The Eliminator:
 We are super excited to announce the 8 man eliminator competition running early in 2016.
 The TOP 8 ranked Coloured Belts will be asked to compete in a major competition that will be held at a new venue. This will be a single mat, open veiwing area and a great night out.
 1 x 15 minute round. No Points, submission Only.
 The first event will be a Gi event.
 The winner in each division will be awarded $1000.00 each

Prizes and Awards

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